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EVE-EMC-LOGO-B-200x200logo-transparent200x156Countercepts, Inc. is looking for a few good people!

The areas where we need the most help are;

  • Back end Development – .net, asp, SQL, java…
  • UX/UI Development – graphic design – work flows
  • WordPress and web maintenance
  • Marketing & Sales – social media and traditional
  • HR
  • Legal – Patents, Trademarks, Contracts
  • Financial & Accounting

I guess you can see that we need help in almost every category. Right now is an exciting time for the company as we continue to grow. Things you could look forward to as a member of our team:

  • Flexible work hours and location
  • Little to no dress code (unless you are customer facing)
  • Latitude to get the job done in the best way
  • Freedom to collaborate with Founders and others on your job description and priorities
  • Visibility into the organization’s strategy, opportunities and challenges
  • Access to the top of the organization!

NEXT STEPS?   Send us a 250 – 500 word message that explains what you would bring to the table, what you require in return and why are you the best choice.  You want to make your mark somewhere. You like what we are doing. Send your response to best.candidate@countercepts.com.