No On-Site Hardware

Delivering your safety solution via the cloud presents numerous advantages. The first advantage is eliminating the need for expensive hardware that will quickly be outdated as technology advances. All hardware is provided as part of the service and is hosted at Countercepts’ high-capacity datacenters. This eliminates the need for on-site hardware installation, upgrades and maintenance, which means less up-front investment and lower long-term I.T. costs.

No Software Installation

Because the solution is delivered over the cloud, you operate the system through your web browser. You can be on an Apple, Microsoft or Linux system and have complete access to all functions, tasks, reports and the centralized dashboard. Countercepts doesn’t require expensive client software applications that requires constant updating and could slow your computers down.

Mobile Accessible

Countercepts liberates you from your desk by providing you secure access to the system through your mobile phone or tablet.* This gives you the ability to review, respond and coordinate on the ground as well as from your command center. In today’s 24/7 world, mobile access is crucial to your safety management solution. Countercepts has you covered. *Additional charges may apply in accordance with your mobile carrier’s data plan and policies.

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Off-Site Data Storage

Protecting your data is key for the ensuring the integrity of your system reports. Recording and storing your safety management system events in a physically remote location protects your data from potential on-site damage, deletion or other forms of loss. Countercepts also provides robust security to protect your data from potential hackers. Your data is safe with Countercepts.


Your data integrity is a central concern for risk management. Countercepts includes cloud data storage protocols that protect your information from tampering. These steps reduce your risks in the event an incident results in a threat of litigation.  Administrators and legal counsel will have access to and full confidence in the information stored on Countercepts servers.

Web-Based User Interface

Using the cloud-based Countercepts safety management solution is as easy as browsing the internet. The intuitive interface takes advantage of years of internet experience to create user-friendly, easy-to-navigate menus and information. With Countercepts, you have point-and-click operation from the convenience of your computer or mobile browser.

Local Network Outage Immunity

With Countercepts cloud-based safety management solution, your functions are immune from local network outages. If your campus or corporate internet access goes down for any reason, you will still have access to Countercepts’ solution via mobile data. All functions of the Countercepts solution remain unaffected by local network outages. Your notifications will still be delivered and your events will still be recorded.