countercepts-officeThreats come in many shapes and sizes. Many lives are lost that could have been saved. Instead of shaking our heads with every headline, we are choosing to do something about it… Countercepts, Inc. was formed to take our project forward.

Over the course of several years a product has slowly been developed and deployed.  Countercepts is finishing the job and readying the product for widespread distribution through our SaaS subscription model.  This represents a fresh approach to the Emergency Management space.  No more expensive hardware required to run software.  If a building is lost in a disaster the system remains up and running from our Tier 4 Data Center. Our solutions exceed compliance requirements.

We are currently located in Plano, Texas with data centers in Kansas and Texas.  We are looking to expand our operations throughout 2014 and into 2015.  Through our growth, we will be selecting a location to call home on a more permanent basis. For more information visit our contact page and send us a message.