Mass Notifications

When you need to get an urgent message to hundreds or thousands of people, you need a capable mass notification system with superior throughput. Countercepts’ solution delivers weather updates, schedule changes, emergency alerts and other important notices to pre-defined groups through a variety of channels such as loud speakers, SMS/text, phone calls and email. With Countercepts’ solution, you have the rapid, robust and reliable communications system you need to get the right messages to the right people at the right time.


Every incident is different, and you need a system that can respond appropriately to each event. Countercepts provides a multi-directional, multi-channel and real-time communications solution that enables you to segment your lists, set priorities and plan the entire communications process with a click of your mouse. Your public safety officials will be able to receive important updates from the ground and send responses via mobile text, email and web. These functions are critical for managing and maintaining healthy two-way communications with your publics – providing your public safety officials the much-needed command and control of every situation.

Chronological Event Records

Every notification is recorded in real-time, which provides your institution with critical information about events. Countercepts’ solution presents this information in a blotter-style format for easy auditing of all system activities during an event. This includes a complete, chronological account of all messages sent and received, methods and forms of message distribution, message recipients as well as date, time and source of each message. Such detailed and accessible event accounting provides much-needed intelligence for response evaluation, risk management and legal considerations.

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Report Generation

Countercepts’ solution is more than a mass notification system. It records and stores event information in a centralized database for point-and-click report generation. Public safety officials, administrators and managers can easily create detailed reports for internal, public and regulatory purposes. You’ll never need to scramble for or pull-in data from multiple sources. With Countercepts, the information is at your fingertips.


Countercepts’ solution provides a centralized management dashboard for storing and maintaining documents, media, tasks, schedules and more. The document center and system file manager provide different levels of access to critical checklists, plans, procedures, guides, manuals, multimedia and other important information. Such a robust, centralized management and information system is vital for smooth crisis planning, training, response and recovery.

Integrated Facilities Management

As part of its comprehensive central management system, Contercepts’ solution provides a powerful interactive platform for cataloging each building’s safety and security system components. This includes floor plans, elevation, room contents, fire alarms, fire suppression devices, chemical and physical hazards and much more. The interactive inventory feature is flexible enough to allow for as much detail as you desire, bringing facility management to a new level.

Network Security Integration

Protecting your campus includes safeguarding the integrity of the reports saved on Countercept’s cloud. EVE Intercept™ (patent pending) continuously monitors the cloud network for vulnerabilities and automatically blocks hacking attempts and suspicious network activities. The system automatically notifies Countercepts administrators of the events and autonomously scales its defense in relation to the level of network hostility it detects, keeping your data safe and secure.