Public Safety Officials

Restore and maintain confidence in your operations with real-time event recording, two-way communications and rapid mass notifications. With Countercepts, you’ll have the confidence to take command and gain control of any situation. Centralized management of records, training and policies help maintain a safety force ready for any challenge. Activity tracking keeps an account of your team’s performance for training and risk management purposes.


Countercepts’ solution provides administrators much-needed confidence in their institutions emergency management system. With the robust, reliable and comprehensive solution in place, administrators know their staff, contractors, students, visitors and community members are in good hands. Activity logs and report generation makes assessing performance, addressing issues and complying with regulations easy and simple. The comprehensive nature of the system also means administrators can get an overview while also zooming into specifics if needed.  Administrators will be able to track trends and gain useful intelligence for better data-driven decision making.

Risk Managers

Reducing risks requires that you have a rock-solid record of your emergency management activities. Countercepts tamper-proof data collection and storage of emergency management activities provide your legal counsel with the confidence they need to navigate potential litigation and to quickly resolve issues that threaten your institution. Reduce litigation costs by having the information you need to keep your institution’s integrity intact.

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Your staff will have confidence in their workplace knowing the administration and public safety officials are operating with the robust, reliable and comprehensive emergency management solution they can count on. Weather alerts, schedule changes and crisis communications provide your staff with the assurance that their wellbeing is a top priority.


Gain the confidence of legislators with continual compliance with regulatory reporting requirements. Countercepts makes it easy to generate reports for crime statistics, fire incidents, public safety and other related issues. Secure your environment while becoming a model corporate citizen.


The activities of and around institutions often impact the local community. Your local community members will feel reassured that your public safety team and administrators have the capacity to quickly respond to any emergency that has the potential to impact the community. Having the robust, reliable and comprehensive emergency management solution in place gives your local community members the confidence they desire in your institution.