You can reduce your emergency management spending by as much as 80% with Countercepts. Below are a few reasons why Countercepts is the solution of choice for institutions looking for a comprehensive solution that saves money, time and lives.

No software installation or hardware costs

Because Countercepts’ solution is cloud-based, it does not require on-site software installation or special hardware. All setup tasks are performed on Countercepts’ high-capacity servers. Once setup, all functions are delivered over the cloud, which significantly reduces the cost of implementation and operation.


With one solution to cover all of your facility safety requirements, you will eliminate the need for expensive, custom software programming to connect various systems that were developed separately or by different providers. Having everything under the same solution enables seamless data sharing, eliminates redundancies, lowers the risk of data loss and reduces the amount of time spent using the system. You also save your institution the additional cost and hassle of paying multiple vendors for all the services provided in the Countercepts solution.

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Avoid Costly Fines

Penalties for regulatory non-compliance are steep. For example Clery Act violations currently include a $150,000 fine per unreported incident. With the right system, these types of penalties can be avoided. Countercepts’ solution provides an intuitive system for recording incidents into a centralized database. With all information in one place, generating reports for regulatory compliance is quick and easy.

Reduce Litigation

Countercepts tamper-proof data collection and storage provide your legal counsel with the rock-solid information they need to assess litigation risks and to resolve potential issues. Your institution will be better able to counter erroneous claims related to its emergency management responses, public safety activities and other related functions.

Multi-Year Discounts

Save additional money for your institution with a multi-year contract.